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Founded in 1998, by Michel Lamontagne, Eng., Me Donald A. Riendeau and Me Jean Daigle, ARLEQ’s (Lakes Echo / Fourteen Islands Residents’ Association) mission is the protection of the environment, preservation of the quality of life and the safety of property and residents around the lake.


After several years of inactivity, ARLEQ has been reactivated following the mobilization of citizens in 2019.  On March 14, 2020, Michel Lamontagne called together citizens wishing to preserve the health of the lake.  He informed those present that anyone interested in joining the new Board of Directors would be expected to participate in the committees which would be formed to carry out the association’s mission, which is the protection of the lake.


The last general meeting of members took place on October 15, 2023 at the Roger-Cabana recreation center. The meeting was a great success with a good turnout, showing a passion for the well-being of the lake, its health and the quality of life around it.

Following acceptance of the roles offered to them, the Board of Directors was formed as follows:​

  • Tom Poitras, President

  • Jean Daigle, Vice President, Head of Legal Affairs

  • Michel Lamontagne, past President

  • Jean Desrosiers, Administrator, Head of Sediment Removal Committee

  • Huw Hughes, Administrator, Watershed Manager

  • Michel Potvin, Administrator, Website and Communications Manager

  • Juan Berlie, Administrator

  • Michel Gauthier, Administrator

  • Jacques Provost, Administrator

  • Pierre Poitras, Administrator

  • Michel Montpetit, Administrator

This completes the list of 11 administrators provided for in the letters patent of ARLEQ.

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